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Maharashtra and Telangana Tuesday approved three irrigation projects, paving the way for bringing 30,000 hectares of land under irrigation in Chandrapur, Gadchiroli and Yavatmal districts of drought-prone Vidarbha region.

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and his Telangana counterpart K Chandrasekhar Rao held a meeting to discuss the projects under inter-state board to resolve water sharing in Godavari and Krishna basins.

The three projects given approval are Medigatta, Chanakha Korta and Tumdihatti on Painganga, Pranhita and Godavari rivers. This paves the way for streamlining water sharing and irrigation.

Fadnavis said, “The approval would help the state bring 30,000 hectares of land under irrigation, which would prove beneficial to farmers in Vidarbha region.”

He added, “Utmost caution has been taken to ensure that the irrigation projects would not lead to submergence of a single village in the region. Therefore, each project has been scientifically surveyed complete with water levels, which would be strictly maintained to avoid any inconvenience to villagers.”

The CM said precaution had been taken to retain the height of Tumdihatti dam at 148 metres instead of 152, as originally proposed.

The entire construction cost, including land acquisition, rehabilitation and village road infrastructure would be borne by Telangana.

It is estimated that the barrages would, however, lead to submergence of 150 hectares of land, which would be compensated for by Telangana as per new guidelines ensuring higher financial package to villagers.

At the chief ministers’ meeting, it was mutually agreed that Maharashtra will not compromise on its share of water to Telangana. The proposed heights of the projects are 148 metres for Tumdihatti, 100 metres for Medigatta, and 213 metres for Chanaka Koti. The formula arrived at was that Tumdihatti will provide Maharashtra 9 TMC and Telangana 20 TMC. Medigatta will give Maharashtra 4 TMC and Telangana 140 TMC. Water use of Chanakha Kota approved for Maharashtra was 0.3 TMC and Telangana 1.2 TMC. Fishing rights across these three projects would remain with Maharashtra.

In case of Chanakha Korta project, 6677 hectares of land would be covered under irrigation in Telangana. Maharashtra’s share would be 1214 hectares across five villages in Yavatmal. However, projects related to Digras barrage, Pimparda and Parsoda barrages over Painganga river, which was discussed, would be further pursued after another survey.

Maharashtra had categorically stated it cannot allow its share of water in Godavari or Krishna basins to be revised following the creation of Telangana state. And therefore, water in the state’s share will not be allowed for utilisation either by Telangana or Andhra Pradesh.
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 Hyderabad, Aug 24: 

In a bid to revive sick industrial units, the Telangana Government is going to start industrial health clinics in November.

These clinics will help sick industries, particularly in the micro, small and medium enterprises space, in getting relief from banks and financial institutions to revive their units.

The State Government has sought the help of the Reserve Bank of India and the Union Government to implement the scheme.

“We are going out scouting for investments from across the globe. But it is also important to revive the sick units. We are coming out with a scheme to address this. The Industrial Health Clinics will be started in November,” Telangana Minister for Industries and Information Technology K T Rama Rao said.

Addressing a CII seminar Man’exe 2016 (manufacturing excellence) here on Wednesday, he said he had asked the Reserve Bank of India to look into the issue seriously. “The problem is not just restricted to one or two States. A solution will help several States in tackling the challenge,” he said.

“I met RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan and explained to him about the idea. I requested him to support the idea by considering the financial help made to the sick units under the priority sector disbursals,” he said.

The State Government will convene a special meeting of SLBC (the State-level Bankers’ Committee) to discuss the issue and device a plan to rehabilitate the sick units.

Inspectors as facilitators

Stating that a plethora of inspections by various government departments is taking life out of the industrial and business entities, the minister said that the State will reduce the visits significantly. “Government officials from various departments go for inspections every now and then. They say a business entity will witness 30 inspections in a span of five years. We are planning to make it to just one every year, reducing the hassle,” he said.

A joint inspection team would be formed to complete the visit as quickly as possible. The inspectors would be called facilitators as the State encouraged self-certification by the businesses.
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Telangana and Andhra Pradesh vied with each other on Saturday to shower cash prizes on badminton star P.V. Sindhu, a day after she created history by winning silver at the Rio Olympics.

Telangana, the home state of the champion player, and Andhra Pradesh, the state which her parents come from, both claimed credit for Sindhu's success.

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Saturday evening announced a cash award of Rs 5 crore for the 21-year-old, hours after his Andhra Pradesh counterpart N. Chandrababu Naidu declared Rs 3 crore.

Rao also announced a 1,000 square yard house site in Hyderabad and a government job for Sindhu.

Naidu offered a 1,000 square yard house site in Amaravati, the upcoming state capital of Andhra Pradesh near Vijayawada. He said the state would also provide Group I officer's job to the player.

Describing Sindhu as the pride of Andhra, Naidu announced the bonanza even before Telangana.

This gave a new twist to the attempts by both Telugu states to claim credit for Sindhu's success.

"Sindhu has created history. We thought she would win the gold. She went down fighting and the entire country is proud of her after witnessing her fighting spirit. She is the pride of Andhra and we have decided to honour her on the victory," he said.

Naidu also announced a Rs 50 lakh cash award to Sindhu's coach and former All England champion Pullela Gopichand. The Telangana CM announced Rs 1 crore for Gopichand so that he can produce more world class players at his badminton academy in Hyderabad.

Naidu recalled that he as the Chief Minister of then united Andhra Pradesh had allotted Gopichand five acres of land in Hyderabad to set up a coaching academy and produce players like himself.

"He has done it. That's what I was saying all along -- if good infrastructure is created and with proper training, our children can win. Sindhu is an example of this," Naidu said.

"When it was pointed out that neighbouring Telangana state was also taking credit for Sindhu's victory, Naidu said there was nothing wrong if the states were different," said a statement from the Chief Minister's office.

The Telangana Chief Minister declared that the state government will also give Rs 1 crore cash prize to Sakshi Malik, the woman wrestler who won bronze at the Rio Olympics.

Rao said a grand welcome will be awarded to Sindhu on her arrival in Hyderabad.

Though as per the sports policy announced by Telangana early this year, an Olympic silver medallist is entitled to a cash prize of Rs 1 crore, the Chief Minister announced a huge bonanza after the Andhra cabinet took a decision to give Rs 3 crore, house site and job to Sindhu.

Both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are claiming Sindhu as their 'ammayi' (girl). The 21-year-old was born in Secunderabad, the twin city of Hyderabad, now a part of Telangana.

However, Sindhu's fans in Andhra Pradesh claim that she has Andhra roots as her forefathers hail from Andhra.

Sindhu's parents P.V. Ramana and P. Vijaya on Friday offered prayers to the family deity at Ratnalammakunta, a remote village in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. They prayed for their daughter's victory in the final.

Ramana's forefathers are said to be from West Godavari district. He later migrated to Hyderabad for his volleyball career and married Vijaya, also a volleyball player hailing from Vijayawada.
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The process of reorganisation of districts was given momentum on Saturday with Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao holding preliminary consultations with representatives of political parties followed by a Cabinet meeting and getting their nod for taking up the exercise officially, although they expressed some reservations.

The Chief Minister has already announced that the draft notification for reorganisation of districts, revenue divisions and mandals (tehsils) would be issued on August 22 under the provisions of Andhra Pradesh Districts Reorganisation Act, 1974, which was adopted by the Telangana Government.

“The real exercise will commence now, even though a committee headed by the Chief Secretary and Cabinet Sub-Committee has already carried out some preparatory work,” Mr. Rao said while speaking to reporters after the Cabinet meeting.

People would be given 30 days time to give their suggestions or lodge objections on the draft proposals either with the district Collectors or Chief Commissioner of Land Administration, he said, adding that districts were being reorganised for administrative ease, convenience, betterment and development of people. Mr. Rao, however, said the final decision on new districts won’t be against people’s wishes.

Referring to the demands for some districts being made by leaders of various political parties, he said there is no viability to their proposals and some sections were also opposing such proposals. “A separate strategy will be adopted for their development,” he said.

Mr. Rao said advertisements would be given in newspapers so that people could come to an understanding as to where their area would be, after reorganisation of mandals, revenue divisions and districts. He assured that proposals in the draft notification would not be final and they could undergo changes.
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The Telangana government is planning to formulate a special legislation to increase reservations for Muslims and Scheduled Tribe (ST) communities in proportion to their population in the state.

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said the state Cabinet would deliberate on the subject and it would be followed by a special session of the Assembly. Muslims constitute 12.4% of the state’s 3.52 crore population, while STs account for 9.8%. At present, there is a 4% quota for Muslims and 6% for tribal communities in government jobs and educational institutions.

As of now, the total quota in the state has been capped at 50% in tune with the Supreme Court guidelines. The Other Backward Castes (OBCs) are entitled to 25% reservations, the SCs and STs together have 21%, while Muslims are entitled to 4% quota.

“It is a constitutional obligation to provide reservations to weaker sections in proportion to their population. We will consider reservation to Muslims and STs based on their population, following the Tamil Nadu model,” Rao said.

Since Telangana has a larger population of the underprivileged sections, it deserves a special pattern of quota system, he said. The Muslim reservation policy has been caught in a prolonged legal quagmire ever since it was first mooted in 2004 in the combined Andhra Pradesh by the then Congress government headed by the late Y S Rajasekhara Reddy.

The quota for Muslims in jobs and educational institutions should be such that the total reservations do not exceed 50%. Though the apex court had given interim clearance for the quota policy, the final verdict on the matter is still awaited.
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 Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they are worthless but because they are priceless. Volunteerism is a crucial part of the ongoing Krishna Pushkarams. These unpaid helpers, young and middle-aged, are all over the place, at the Pushkar Ghats, the Pushkar Nagars, bus stations, railway stations and on the main roads guiding throngs of visitors to their respective destinations.

At the ghats, they move around spreading cheer and smiles besides water sachets and food packets.

Among these Good Samaritans is a group that has travelled all the way from Telangana to help Andhra pilgrims. Sporting white T-shirts that have the name of their organisation etched on it, the young brigade represents Memu Saitham Foundation based out of Huzurnagar in Nalgonda district of Telangana State.

A group of 126 youngsters drawn from Hyderabad city, Vallabhi in Khammam, Medaram, Kodada and Huzurnagar, approached the Krishna district Joint Collector expressing their desire to volunteer during the 12-day Pushkarams.

They have fanned out

The group members have fanned out in Durga, Padmavathi, Punnami and Krishnaveni Ghats in the city. True to the name of their organisation Memu Saitham (loosely translated, it means ‘We Also’), the youngsters are here to contribute their mite in the success of the river carnival. “We came here with our minds tuned to fight all odds to help the pilgrims even in the most difficult conditions. But the whole affair is a very smooth one. There are no bottlenecks and everything seems seamlessly planned,” said K. Rajesh, volunteer from Memu Saitham Foundation. This Manager of a gas company in Kodada in Nalgonda district is happy to be a small part of the milling crowd at the ghats. His friend, Sk. Nagur, a lab technician from Khammam, meanwhile breaks away from the conversation to offer help to a confused elderly couple. To spend time for a random set of people out of labour of love than any incentive for returns can be an amazing experience.

P.V.S. Prasanna, a B. Tech second year student from V.R. Siddhartha Engineering College, led a couple of elderly women to the changing rooms located at the upper end of the steps at the ghat. Asked why she chose to volunteer, the girl said in a matter-of-fact way:

“More than anything else, I feel blessed and I am growing richer in experience.”
- - - - - - -
Mahbubnagar/Nalgonda: Mahbubnagar and Nalgonda districts are ready for the 12-day Krishna Pushkaralu which begins on Friday. The state government is spending Rs 825 crore for conducting the Pushkaralu on a grand note.    

It is estimated that about three crore devotees would turn up for a holy bath in River Krishna and offer prayers at the local temples.

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao will inaugurate the Pushkaralu by taking a holy dip at Gondimalla Pushkar Ghat at around 6.30 am. The district administration has made elaborate security arrangements. He will later visit Jogulamba temple, the fifth Shakthi Peetam located in Alampur and will offer prayers.

The administration  in both the districts has made elaborate arrangements to ensure smooth flow of devotees to the pushkar ghats which have been decked up for  the occasion and the temples have been  illuminated with colorful lights.

The government has also made arrangements for providing food and water for the pilgrims. Queue lines, temporary dressing rooms, toilets, besides bathing ghats have been constructed.

The government is also making use of latest technologies like apps and websites for disseminating information to the devotees about the facilities at the ghats, bus and train timings and nearby important  historic places.

It is also making use of technology to ensure safety and security of the devotees. Apart from CCTVs, the police department will use drones for aerial survey of particular areas.

In Mahabubnagar the administration has deployed 1060 swimmers and teams of NDRF across all the major ghats of Krishna during the 12 day holy extravaganza in the district.

 “This year the water in the river is flowing heavily. Almost all the ghats are touching the flood level. Keeping this in mind we have taken some precautionary measures to deploy deep sea swimmers and also pressed in NDRF teams to keep a vigil along the ghats in case of emergency situation,” informed Collector Dr T K Sridevi while addressing media at the collectorate.
Recently with heavy water gushing from Jurala Project, the changing rooms and toilets installed at Revulapally ghat have been inundated. “Except Revulapally ghat almost all ghats are fully equipped with all amenities.

The water level at Revulapally is high and has inundated the entire ghat area, so we are cautious and taking alternative measures,” informed the Collector.

As part of cleanliness measures at the ghats, the Collector has advised devotees not to use shampoo or soap while bathing in the river. Washing clothes and crowding at the ghats is also strictly monitored to ensure smooth flow of devotees without any chaos or stampede.

In Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu offered Harati to River Krishna at Sangamam ghat amidst colourful fireworks and illuminated ghats.

Pilgrims have already occupied the Pushkar Nagars at various parts of Vijayawada and Guntur by Thursday evening and are waiting for a holy dip.

Akshaya Patra, an NGO that provides free food, hasstarted its kitchen to serve the pilgrims. The kitchen is ready to serve two meals a day for about three lakh pilgrims during the 12 days of Pushkarams.

Vehicular movement except for emergency services would not be allowed up to the 500 meters away from the ghats for the next 12 days. The vehicles coming from different directions carrying pilgrims have been provided with parking places in the closest areas to the ghats.

The sign boards for the parking areas, Pushkar Nagars and bathing ghats are on display, besides regular announcements through the public address system.

The railways and the APSRTC have positioned additional staff to meet the rush of the pilgrims at various places.

The railways has provided special stops at Nidamanuru and Gunadala for the trains coming from Gudivada and Machilipatnam areas, at Krishna Canal Junction for the trains coming from Guntur and Tenali areas, at Rayanapadu for the trains coming from Hyderabad line.
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Hyderabad: With India-made flags tearing in the stiff breeze and alternative options like flags made of Pochampally silk not working out, the HMDA is procuring the country’s largest Tricolour from the Dubai-based Channel Group International.

The company has promised maintenance for six months. Seven flags have been procured till date from the Mumbai company that had been making the flags.

Meanwhile, no special activities has been planned for Independence Day at the country’s largest Tricolour other than hoisting a new flag made by the Mumbai firm.

A senior HMDA official said, “The department will be placing an order for one flag in the coming week with the Dubai company. The cost of one flag is Rs 3.2 lakh without transportation charges, while the ones procured from Mumbai cost Rs 1.4 lakh. The firm is giving a guarantee of three months.”

When asked what was special about the new flag, the officer said, “It has a UV coating that prevents the material from fading. It is also made of triple yarn, which prevents damage and the flag can endure high velocity winds.”
- - - - - - -

 Hyderabad, August 9: 

The Telangana government will set up an international film institute across 100 acres.

“We are going to acquire a chunk of 100 acres soon to set up the institute. Besides world-class training facilities, the institute will also provide residential quarters for the faculty drawn from other parts of the country and abroad,” T Sriniva Yadav, Minister for Cinematography and Animal Husbandry, has said.
Single-window clearance

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, he said the State government introduce a single-window clearance policy for film shootings.

“The Film Development Corporation will act as the nodal agency for assigning all the relevant permissions required for shootings. After vetting the applications from the producers, permissions will be given in seven days from the date of submission of applications,” he said. “If the Corporation fails to give permissions on the last day, the producers can go ahead with the film shoots on the eight day,” he said.
Mini Theatres

The State is also considering a proposal to promote mini theatres in shopping complexes and bus-stands. “These will have a capacity of 200 seats. We will also announce a policy on online sales of tickets soon,” the Minister said.

In order to encourage small films, the government will allow the exhibitors to go for a fifth show in a day.
- - - - - - -
Hyderabad:  The Hyderabad High Court on Tuesday granted some respite to the Telangana state government by selectively staying an order of a single judge that had struck down a Government Order, Ms No. 123, issued for acquiring land from the land owners through mutual consent for public projects.

While staying the single judge order, the High Court made it clear that the stay will be applicable only to the land being procured for the National Investment and Manufacturing Zone (NIMZ) in Medak district.

A division bench comprising Acting Chief Justice Ramesh Ranganathan and Justice U. Durga Prasad Rao, while dealing with an appeal from the state against the single judge order, said it would hear separately the petitions challenging GO 123 with regard to procurement of land for irrigation projects.

The present interim order will be confined simply to the land procurement for the NIMZ. The bench advised the government to issue a GO extending the compensation to the families affected by land acquisition for NIMZ.

Telangana gets conditional go-ahead
The bench advised the government to propose a better compensation package than the benefits envisaged under Schedule 2 of the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013.

It ruled that no farmer shall be displaced till completion of the entire land acquisition process. Also, no obstruction shall be caused to the landowners in continuing with their farming activities.

The bench said the court would permit registration only after perusing the GO that would be issued by the government to provide compensation to the families affected by the NIMZ and posted the case to August 11.

Earlier, counsel for the petitioners referred to the court a complaint that there was no proposal to compensate tenant farmers, in the government affidavit.

The Central Act 2013 proposes employment to one person from each of the affected families under Schedule 2 (4). As per the provision, the government has to give training and provide a job.

Or else, government should pay Rs 5 lakh to each family as one-time compensation, or pay Rs 2 000 per month for 20 years in accordance with the price index.

When petitioners’ counsel said some landowners who had small pieces of land were not showing interest to sell their land, the Advocate-General responded that the government would not take a cent of land if an owner was not interested in selling.

Harish sees Congress in Naidu’s ‘conspiracy’
Irrigation minister T. Harish Rao on Tuesday welcomed the High Court vacating a single judge’s stay on land acquisition and said that GO 123 benefitted farmers.

“We have made an open offer to farmers. Let them choose either GO 123 or 2013 Act. But I can assure you that GO 123 benefits farmers,” the minister asserted.

Asked about TPCC president Uttam Kumar Reddy’s decision to move the Supreme Court against the HC division bench’s stay, he quipped, “Let him go.”

He alleged Opposition parties — the Congress and the Telugu Desam have joined the AP  government and AP Chief Minister N. Chandra-babu Naidu’s conspiracy to stall the irrigation projects in the state.
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